Friday, April 15, 2011

Officially 20 weeks

19 weeks + 6 days, 22 days post rupture

I consider tomorrow to be 20 weeks pregnant. I know when I ovulated and we have been considering every Saturday to be another week pregnant. However, my doctors have been going by my LMP, making me 20 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. (I'm half way there! Ha ha, in a perfect world).

Anyway, this is good news for four reasons.

1) I'm still pregnant (duh).

2) If the baby was born tomorrow he or she would no longer be considered a 'miscarriage' and would 'count' in the eyes of birth registration people, and medical science as an actual baby granting me the documentation to prove Acorn's existence.

3) I am now eligible for 17 weeks of maternity leave, even if the baby dies. I took all of it last time with Aidan because I was looking for a new job. I'm not sure I would take it all this time if I end up not having a baby to look after, but it is still nice to have the option.

4) Since your baby is no longer a 'miscarriage' you're taken right to L&D triage if you are in labour. This means I (hopefully) won't have to deliver in Emerg next door to an appendicitis patient or whatever.

All reasons to celebrate, I guess.


  1. so glad to hear all of this, emily, although i know there's still a lot of anxiety and worry. i've been thinking about you a lot, and i'm pulling for you and acorn!

  2. Yay for 20 weeks! That's an awesome milestone to reach!

  3. 5) 4 more weeks and you reach Viability . And yes, I realize this is a minimum, but at least it's something, you know? :) Little bits of time somehow seem to make milestones more achievable, you know?

    You are doing sooooo sooo great Emily! I am so pulling for you.

  4. I know that sounds dark but I looked forward to the 20 week mark too for those same reasons. My son Blaine was born at just 17 wks and 3 days so he wasn't "human" I guess.

    Praying Acorn makes it. I don't know much about PROM but it seems like a good sign that you are still progressing and he is still fighting in there.

  5. Day by are making strides. Acorn is still in your belly and that is a wonderful thing. Thinking of you. <3

  6. Hooray for 20 weeks. I know there is still lots of worrying, but am praying for you and your little acorn

  7. I know it's a long shot....but only 4 more weeks until viability. My family and I have been rooting for you. Lots of thoughts and prayers being sent your way sweetie!

  8. I think 20 weeks is a great milestone given the crap hand you were dealt! Acorn seems to want to hang on, and I'm hoping for you all.

  9. As every day goes by you get a little bit closer...and 20 weeks is great for all of the reasons that you said. It may sound or feel strange to look at it that way, but it seems only natural that you have to.