Tuesday, June 21, 2011


29 weeks + 3 days, 12 weeks + 5 days post rupture, day 42 at my parent's place.

I have always loved summer. It's my favourite season. I love being able to walk outside and not worry about gloves, boots or jackets...heck I often walk around my yard without shoes. Bare feet tickled by grass, sun warm on my skin. I love swimming. I love going for long evening walks. I love sitting in the sun. As a kid, I loved being off school. Long days to read, relax and play with friends. Things always seemed possible in the summer.

Today is the first day of summer.

Aidan was due in mid to late summer, but arrived only a month into spring. On his due date I looked around and saw a day so different than the one he was born on. On August 15th the trees were in full bloom, the plants and bushes were over grown, the day was hot and muggy with summer storms brewing. It didn't resemble April 21st at all. We should have just been starting out our lives together, but Aidan was already almost 4 months gone...a whole season away.

But Acorn, no matter what happens, will be a summer baby...just like he or she is suppose to be. Hopefully a healthy, happy July baby instead of a late August, early September one. A Cancer instead of a Leo or a Virgo. Early...but not too early to make life improbable, like it was for Aidan.

Hopefully all good things are possible this summer.


  1. Hoping hard for you and Acorn, that you get a summer of happiness and possibility.

  2. Hoping for many, many good things for you and Acorn this summer xo

  3. Word, mama. Word.

    (Caleb was due at the end of August/early Sept and born mid April, so I know that feeling well too. Sucks. :/ )

  4. I concur! Liam was due at the end of July but was born in April..not the same at all.

    Also, you seem cheerier and that is wonderful because, again, you should be! Rootin' tootin' for you and Acorn.

  5. I hope this is a wonderful summer for you all too!!!

  6. This summer is full of possibilities for you and your family Emily. I am hoping for everything that is wrapped in love, life, health, and light.

  7. I am so happy to hear HOPE in your post.

    I understand hope is a dangerous emotion given your past and your present, and you have mentioned before your lack-there-of, but it's there, I heard it...and what's that movie??? Hope Floats? It sure does.

  8. I love summer, too. So jealous that we're stuck in winter here now! I hope you get the most precious gift this summer.

  9. I think of you everyday. Your strength and honesty are amazing. Love to you, your hubby, Aidan and Acorn <3