Thursday, June 9, 2011


27 weeks + 5 days, 11 weeks post rupture, day 30 at my parent's place

Sheesh, just keeping track of the above numbers is starting to tax my brain which has turned to mush after watching so much crap TV and doing nothing more strenuous than showering these past few weeks.

But anyway, on to the update.

I'm now going for weekly biophysical profile ultrasounds. Basically they measure the baby, make sure Acorn is still continuing grow and isn't showing signs of distress, measure my fluid index and then we get to see Dr. Eeyore and find out what he has to stay about it all.

To sum up, baby is still growing, although still on the small side. Last week was measuring about the 40th%, but today is about the 20th%, although I take all these measurements with a grain of salt because the low fluid levels make it hard to see. I've been told they don't really worry about babies until they get below the 3rd% so I figure we're okay. The baby's weight based on their calculations is 894 grams, up 70 grams from last week, and is *just* below 2 lbs.

Fluid level was pretty decent at 7.1. Of course I had a bit of a gush when I got home so that always makes me kind of anxious and stressed and probably dropped my fluid levels a bit.

Otherwise blood flow continues to be good and the nurse doing my ultrasound said that she could reasonably give me a biophysical profile score of 8/8, however that doesn't really 'capture' the pPROM and slightly low fluid levels, so she gave a 6/8 with 2 off for 'low fluid'. I get what she's's not really 'fair' to give a pPROM mom a perfect score, which is the same score a normal pregnant woman would get. I'm also not really too concerned about 'scores' at this point. I was just happy to hear that Acorn was moving well, had good tone and was showing breathing motions (diaphragm movement) and had some fluid...those are the major things I like to see.

After that we ran into Dr. K. He was so happy to hear that I was doing well and was really positive when he saw how much fluid I have. When he asked how far along I was now and I said almost 28 weeks, he said "oh that great, that's just what I was hoping for you guys". Yeah, us too Dr. K.

Then it was on to Dr. Eeyore. When he went over my ultrasound report today he said "Well, now you're getting interesting". I know he meant this as a compliment, and I suppose I am becoming more 'interesting' obstetrically...but I felt like smacking his face! OH, I INTEREST you now do I? So what, I've just been 'dull' these last 11 weeks have I? Uncertain outcomes not your style Dr. Eeyore? Like those happy yummy mommies who only run into any sort of 'difficulty' after 24 weeks? Sorry jackass, pregnancy is 40 doesn't start when you could 'do something' at 24 weeks and sometimes shit happens earlier than you would 'approve'. Now that you actually might have to step up and make decisions (hospitalize or not?, C/S or not?, deliver the baby now or wait?), I INTEREST you do I? Awesome. Glad my kid and I have got your attention.

As an aside: this is one thing that I like about nursing. Patients are considered 'whole people' and therefore don't become more or less 'interesting' based on their health conditions. In fact the patients I remember most, cared the most about, want to help the most, are the ones whose outcomes are uncertain or poor. Just because I couldn't always "DO" for these patients what they wanted (have a health child), I could at least be extra caring towards them.

Anyway I digress...

He went on to explain how when I ruptured he would have given me a 0% chance of bringing home a baby and now he's more optimistic. He's thinking that my rupture is likely 'higher up' in the sac, rather than over my cervix. This has been a good thing in terms of latency, preventing infection, and for keeping fluid in. He says having fluid levels of 7 mean that I'm not their typical pPROM patient who generally has next to none. He's actually not looking to hospitalize me, although he said it was up to us. He feels I'm doing well at home, I 'live' (or am shacking up) near by, and generally the bigger the baby gets the less likely you are to have a 'speedy' delivery necessitating emergency care. Acorn is also bum down in a frank breech position, which helps block the cervix and would help to prevent cord prolapse. This is all good news, but my husband and I are still nervous. The farther we get, (we hope) the more 'chance' the baby has of doing well and we'd feel awful if our 'chances' were lowered by being at home. Plus it's scary as hell to imagine another emergency ride to the hospital in pain or bleeding or both. So this might take some thought and decision making on our part.

I also had an ECHO, but we didn't want to stick around to discuss the results with my cardiologist. They were going to make me wait all morning to see her, so we said no, just call us if anything is wrong. Then we headed home. I've been a bit worried about how my heart is doing, based on the pregnancy and lack of any exercise at all so I hope those results are status quo too. I would have liked to hear the results today so I could stop worrying about my heart, but I wasn't willing to stick around for over 2 hours sitting in their waiting room.

All in all a fairly good day.

So the waiting continues...thank goodness.


  1. Yes, indeed, a fairly good day mamma! I know the waiting sucks... and I know you have big decisions ahead regarding hospitalization.. I am thinking of you and hoping for both you and Acorn to continue to thrive.

  2. Ugh, it annoys me Dr. Eeyore is so callous about the whole, "now you're getting interesting" thing, though he does seem more optimistic now, which I'm sure you find reassuring.

    I was just looking at your post-rupture dates- it's CRAZY how long ago that was. Not sure if it feels that way for you (I suppose it does, being camped up and all).

    Fingers crossed your ECHO comes back fine and Acorn hangs tough for another couple/few months! :)

  3. Good! Great! Fabulous!

    Waiting sucks...I am in my own waiting room for different reasons, but I am pacing the proverbial floor.

    Glad it's a good day for you :)

    (BTW you really are going to have to name him Harry)

  4. I am constantly amazed by your ability to refrain from strangling Dr. Eeyore!

    I'm glad it was a farily good day - and glad the waiting continues.

  5. Great to hear this update! Keep cooking, Acorn!!

  6. That sounds amazing and about as good as you can hope for all around. Fingers crossed the news continues to be positive!

  7. Glad to hear you have spent the last 11 weeks on bedrest so you could be interesting to your doctor.

    I can't believe you've been at your parents for a whole month already. (Sorry but time passes more quickly when you are not confined to a bed.) You are a bed rest rock star and Acorn's progress proves it.

  8. Another one who'd like to slap Dr Eeyore for you!
    And while I know it must be incredibly frustrating, I really hope you have a good few weeks of waiting ahead of you yet.
    Your story is an inspiration for so many.

  9. Meh, Dr. E sucks.

    But, at least that baby is doing well and the doctor now has to *actually* do his job without giving up.

    Not only would I LOVE to hear your baby survive and thrive, but I'd love to have that doctor proved wrong. Might kick him in the rear for future patients. Plus, I can't handle more babies dying. It's simply not acceptable for someone who has gone through this before.

    You're doing awesome. Love reading happy updates!

  10. I too would like to give Dr. Eeyore a piece of my mind.

    I'm so glad Acorn is doing well. I cannot believe it's been 11 weeks; baby is strong and you are doing well.

    Thinking of you as you continue to wait and as you make decisions regarding hospitalization.

  11. I'm always on edge when I see you've posted - "PLEASE let it be good news!" So glad that you and Acorn are making it day by day.

    I remember when my case finally became "interesting" to the doctors. I too was annoyed to have to suffer so much in order to finally catch their interest. Now at least we can both use the extra attention to our babies' advantage!

  12. Glad to hear Acorn id doing well. Hoping for good ECHO results also!