Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How do you decorate a blog?

Seriously? How do you decorate a blog?

When I first started this blog at the beginning of last month I chose the basic black. It's how I was feeling and it seemed to fit a "dead baby blog" perfectly. But now, as I visit other sites of babylost moms and dads, I'm jealous of how unique and pretty their blogs are. How special they have managed to make their little corner of the internet. Aidan deserves a special corner too. Plus, I'm no longer feeling the 'basic black'...although I still have moments (or days) where I feel like I see life through shades of black and grey, I'm also starting to see and wish for colour again.

So, people out there in blog land...how do I make my blog pretty? See those big black spaces on either side of my typing? How do I put something nice in them? I would love to know!

Do I need to know HTML? Do I need a special program? How can I design it myself without knowing how? Help!

1 comment:

  1. Try a site like this: http://hotbliggityblog.com/

    You'll just have to copy and paste the code for the background you want into your blog layout. Go to your blogger dashboard, layout, add a gadget, choose an html gadget from the list of options, and then paste the code there, save, and you should be done. Let me know if you need more detailed instructions or help.