Monday, June 28, 2010

Aidan in the Sand

YEAH!!! Carly from To Write Their Names In The Sand finally got to Aidan's name!

The direct link is here: Aidan's Name In the Sand.

My baby boy had his name written on the sand at sunset at Mullaloo Point, Australia. It's so beautiful. I've already sent in my $20 donation in order to have the original e-mailed to me. I hope to get it blown up and put in our house.

Thank you Carly. It made my day.

What was the last thing that made your day?


  1. Beautiful...I can't wait for her to get to Dash's name <3

  2. Wow Emily, that picture is truly incredible.

  3. It's so beautiful! Such a lovely sunset too.

    I'm glad you got something to lift your spirits today. I love the heart she drew for my little one. Mine was well worth the wait, and I'm sure you feel the same way.

    Today was my ultrasound, and getting good news definitely made my day.

    Hope you get your jpeg soon!

  4. It's absolutely beautiful. I wish I didn't have to wait until requests open back up in September!

    The last thing that made my day? I love getting the pictures people do of Bailey's names. Those always make my day. And my sno-cone from Saturday. :)

  5. yesterday what made my day was a phone call from a friend.

    i was putting some finishing touches on my scrapbook for kenny at my school so that i could use the color printer there. my friend was there working and she got a very brief glimpse of what i was working on - kenny's footprint card caught her attention from across the room - and she saw a picture of me holding kenny when he had first been put in my arms, and of course i was in tears in the picture. i have talked about everything that happened quite a bit w/ this friend but she had not seen any pictures.

    she gave me a hug but then she had to go b/c she had her son w/ her. when she called last night it was to tell me how touched she was by what she saw, and to apologize - she was afraid i was offended that she didn't say more about it, but it was b/c of her son, which was exactly why i hadn't said more, either, so i wasn't at all offended. and she said she would love to see the rest of the album if i'm willing to show it - which i certainly am.

    i couldn't tell her enough how much i appreciated her calling.

  6. I am so happy for you, I cried. : ) <3 I can't wait till Valentina's name is up.

    The last thing that made my day was an old college friend coming in to see me at work today because he was visiting family locally (he lives way out of state now) and he wanted to bring me a card. <3