Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nobody's Perfect

I feel like another completely random post:

So, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are divorcing. Too bad, so sad. I liked them mostly because I like both of them as actors, but I also respected that they didn't treat their wedding or their relationship as tabloid fodder. You rarely saw them photographed together and they didn't seem to do the 'Hollywood stuff' that seems par for the course for other young actors these days.

But, the fact that they were rarely photographed together was exactly the problem, because to be photographed together you have to actually spend time together. From their released statement it sounds like that's what broke them up, a lack of togetherness. Hard to build a marriage when you never see the other person.

I'm sure I'm putting way more thought into this than is actually completely necessary. I'm in the two week wait that will actually be TWO WHOLE WEEKS this time, because I'm on daily doses of Prometrium. Damn two weeks is long. Plus I'm on holidays from work this week just to use up some vacation time, and I have a lot of time on my hands.

Anyway it struck me as kind of funny that both Ryan Reynolds, recently voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine and Scarlett Johansson, who was Esquire's 2006 Sexiest Woman Alive, would each look at each other and think: "nahhh...I can do better".

I suppose perfection isn't always perfect.

Twiddling my fingers over here. Comments to pass the time away are appreciated.


  1. I love "nahhh...I can do better"

    Hoping the 2 week wait ends with a nice BFP. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! I know how 2 weeks has never felt so long as when you are waiting to test.

    I am actually preventing right now, which feels so, so wrong. But I need to get a test done and I need to give my body a (hopefully) short break.

  2. thanks for making me laugh! my fingers are crossed for your BFP!

  3. I wonder if, if someone told them at the beginning of their careers, that they'd be trading a good chance at strong relationships for money and a chance to do work they loved, if both of them would have said yes.

    I imagine that that, even for Hollywood celebrities, sexiness comes down to more than just physical beauty. I would feel bad for them, I *should* feel bad for them, but from my outsider's perspective they just have so much.

    Hoping hard for you, even as I ponder the lives of professionally beautiful people :)

  4. HA! "nahhh...I can do better"!! I better go tell my husband Scarlett Johansson is back on the market and he has a chance again!

  5. This is too funny! Their problem is that they are too beautiful for their own good. Although I wouldn't kick Ryan out of my bed...don't tell my hubby! ;)

    The dreaded 2ww...yes, 2 weeks can feel like an eternity! I am hoping that yours ends in a big ole BFP!! What a nice Christmas present that would be!

  6. the 2 week wait is the worst - I hope you are finding ways to pass the time. I've got my fingers crossed for a BFP!

  7. Last year I went to see a band play called The National and a few rows in front of us were those two sexiest people alive. They were both wearing fedoras, trying to stay inconspicuous. Funny thing was they were the only two people wearing hats out of literally a couple of thousand people so it didn't really work out too well for them. People just kept whispering, "They're wearing hats" in order to help people spot them. It was humorous.

    But damn, they both are amazingly good looking in person. I had my hopes up that it was all smoke and mirrors and photoshop. Nope. Some people just won the genetic lottery when it comes to looks.

    Anyway...hope that took your mind away from the 2ww for at least thirty seconds. Good luck on the rest of the time. Hoping it ends in a positive.