Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favourite Christmas Present

One more thing which I forgot to mention.

Other than the biological one, my favourite present this year was from my mom.

It's a very small stocking with Aidan's name on it. I had actually bought this one (on the left) before Christmas, just because I had to buy him something and I hated the fact that he wouldn't be represented on our (theoretical) mantle. I was happy to find the smallest one I could (it's actually meant as a gift card holder)...but it was SO awesome that my mom thought of it too and managed to get one with his beautiful name on it. It will be brought out every year and hung with the rest...no matter how many other stockings are hanging.

Aidan, I miss you baby.

What was your favourite present this year?


  1. That was so thoughtful of her! Our favorite gift by far was that my husbands immediate family gave donations to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, First Candle and a local infant funeral support agency in honor of Lily with the amount they would have spent on her had she been here. It meant SO much to us.

  2. I love the reminders for sweet Aidan. It is so nice to have our babies remembered at a time when we are missing them so. We didn't do Christmas gifts this year but my family gave us a few "un-Christmas" gifts honoring Harper; a christmas ornament with her name and birthday on it and beautiful glass candle holder that is an angel playing a harp. <3