Friday, November 12, 2010

Normal, damn it!

So, encouraging news on the (in)fertility front.

1. Sonohysterogram performed this week findings: Normal cavity, patent tubes. No fibroids, polyps or adhesions.

2. SA (semen analysis): All parameters normal. Better than normal in most cases.

3. Bloodwork: Normal as far as I know (I'm basing this on my last day 3 bloodwork done back in September...where my prolactin level was 18.8. We redid it for the RE, but I have no reason to believe any of the results were abnormal since no one has called me).

I'm not exactly sure where to go from here. On the one hand, 'Great! We're normal'...too bad that doesn't equal PREGNANT. On the other hand, I almost wanted there to be SOMETHING just so that there would be something to fix! I'm tired of our reproductive history being such a head scratcher. Plus I still have no reason for the on-going spotting I'm having before each period. Do we proceed with (EXPENSIVE) IUI treatments when nothing in our history or results seems to warrant them? I know we technically got pregnant on our own the first time...but it took 8 months and was abnormal from the start. The RE said that if a normal healthy woman isn't pregnant in 3 to 6 months of properly timed intercourse then you've likely got a problem. But what that problem might be they seem to have few answers for.

I think I'll have to mull this over some more. I mean technically it's *only* been 3 months of 'properly timed' intercourse that have resulted in no pregnancy for us...but how long do we wait? And what, with medical intervention, are we trying to fix if all of our results are just fine?


Oh, and just for the extra added cherry on top today my husband got an e-mail from the friends that I referred back to in this post. They will be home from Singapore at Christmas for a visit the way...their baby is due the end of April (right around Aidan's first 'dirthday').

Super. Can't wait to see them.

How long did it take for you to get pregnant? Did it feel like forever at the time?


  1. Just subscribed yesterday, although I've been reading for a little while.

    I'll just simply answer your question: About ten months is how long it took to get pregnant. Short story, we don't have a baby loss, miscarriage, infant loss, etc. story to tell.

    But after our first baby in July, my wife almost died getting sewn up and had to have a hystorectimy (sp?).

    So even though I read, and will subscribe to many blogs that deal with those subjects, sometimes I don't feel right reading them. Like I'm the outsider. But the writing it good most of the time on the blogs, and it's interesting (although sad) to read the stories.

    I hope everything works out for you.

  2. It didn't take me long to get pregnant after losing Jacob. In fact, it took me less time to get pregnant with the next baby than it took to get pregnant with Jacob (I got pregnant the 3rd month of trying with Jacob). With my second pregnancy, I had one normal cycle, then apparently got pregnant, had another normal cycle. 11 days after that AF ended, I miscarried. Then I waited for another normal cycle and then got pregnant. But I had an ultrasound at 7.5 weeks and they can see a gestational sac but no baby so I have another ultrasound on Wednesday that hopefully will reveal a baby. If not, I think I'll try to wait a few more cycles before really trying again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Yes, it took a while for us! 2 years of trying, HSG, clomid, femera, IUI'...we were actually taking the month off from fertility stuff in order to start prepping for IVF when we got pregnant with Harper. Talk about a surprise!! Then to get pregnant with the blighted ovum on the first cycle after we lost her about crazy! We are now on hold since the blighted ovum miscarriage. We aren't going to start trying again until the new year. I really pray it doesn't take us another 2 years, I can't take that. We are supposedly "normal", too.

    It is so frustrating going through the fertility crap and so disappointing month after month with the dreaded BFN! I pray that the process is quick for you :)

  4. Hmm, have they checked for a luteal phase defect? I think that is what I have and it can cause spotting before your period.

  5. It took us several years and we finally conceived after our first cycle of IVF. We're now pursuing embryo adoption as we can't afford another cycle of IVF and the no guarantees that come with it and we've been told IVF is our only chance at conceiving a biological child. So that equals no biological child for us. If things don't work out with the embryo adoption we're planning to move forward with domestic infant adoption.

  6. I wish you the best with TTC. We have started to try again also. We went back to the DR two weeks ago, only to find out the same thing, We are Normal. But no pregnancy. That was the same last time, though we had to do IVF, so much for normal, right?
    I think of you often. Praying for the best.
    Much love!