Sunday, April 28, 2013


(as defined by Webster's Dictionary):
1: not reproducing: as
b : not yet or not recently pregnant c : habitually failing to fruit

 (as defined by 
 Infertility means not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying.

Last April when my period returned after having Kaia, I figured I wouldn't bother starting any type of birth control.  Although we didn't exactly WANT a second child at that point, I felt fairly confident due to my previous experiences of needing added progesterone to get pregnant, that it likely wouldn't happen on its own.  And hey, if it did, that might be welcome change and a sign from the universe that we should just go with it.

Turns out, I was right.  (Sometimes it sucks be right all the time).

We've been 'not trying/not avoiding' for a year now and can now officially be classified as among the 'infertile'.  Not surprising.  I have a feeling if we had never added in the progesterone with either Aidan or Kaia we would have gotten that designation the first two times around.

What pains me to admit however, is that in January we decided that we'd start actually 'trying' and started on progesterone for the second half of my cycle.  It worked the first time in both of my previous pregnancies, so I felt it was bound to at least do SOMETHING.  January I started with 100mg of Prometrium once a day starting after ovulation.  It did NOTHING.  My luteal phase was short as always and I had spotting for a number of days before my period as usual.  Okay, I figured, no biggie.  I got pregnant with Kaia using 200mg once a day.  So, we upped it to 200mg for February...and March...and April...and the spotting continues.  My luteal phase is slightly longer, but I have yet to need a pregnancy test to tell me I'm not pregnant (which I should since the progesterone should stop the uterine lining from shedding, thus cuing me to pee on a stick).  I've yet to make it past day 27 of my cycle without spotting.


My family doctor said she is willing to prescribe Clomid to help strengthen ovulation which will hopefully sort out my luteal issues, but if we need any further help than that, she'd refer me again to the fertility specialist we saw in the Fall of 2010.  That fertility specialist had the easiest time in the world helping me get knocked up.  One ultrasound for a follicle check and a prescription of Prometrium later and 'ta-da'!  They said it was almost too easy. Too bad what followed was not.

I don't know what to do.  I have a hard time admitting the level of my desire for another child to my doctor or my friends and I haven't even mentioned it to our families, because I'm so afraid that giving a voice to my wish will somehow make it harder if it never happens.  I still carry so much disappointment and sadness around both my pregnancies and Aidan's loss that I'm not sure I can really stand to add another defeat to the pile.

Sometimes I like to trick myself and think "Hey, maybe you don't REALLY want another baby. Let's just hold the phone and think back here for a moment. Remember how little sleep you got with a newborn? Remember the nervous breakdown you had over trying to breastfeed?  And the 14 months of pumping? Remember the quasi-sleep training and the hours and hours of nightly crying that preceded it? Oh, and hey...remember your water breaking in the second trimester...TWICE?  Remember the combined 27 weeks of bed rest?  Remember the lack of income?  Remember the stress and the worry and the fear?  Remember the preemies, one living and one dead?  The NICU?  Remember Dr. Eeyore?  Remember how they have ABSOLUTELY no idea why your placenta exploded once, let alone twice.  Remember?  Life is much better now that all that's behind you."  It would honestly be so much easier if, like friends of ours who have just one daughter and are happy to keep it that way, we didn't want any more children.  No more choices to make.  No more decisions to stress over.  One (living) and done would be so easy.

But, I do.  I do want another baby.  I have Kaia, who I am more grateful for every day. She lights up our lives.  And I had Aidan.  He made me a Mom.  Who even in his absence continues to teach me things and helps to make me a better person.  How special and important they both are to me.  How much I love them.  OF COURSE I want another child.  Both Brian and I do.  And one day, I bet Kaia will want a sibling.  I would love to make that happen.

I honestly feel that likely, our third child is possible.  Right now, he or she waits in the fabric of the universe, just waiting for our genetic material to combine, implant and begin to grow. According to the reproductive endocrinologist that we saw in 2010, the likelihood of us being able to conceive is high based on the fact that we have before, it will just take the right combination of patience, medical technology and genetic material.  I know this isn't the case for EVERYONE, but since I'm still fairly 'young', the possibility is on the higher side.  That the 'likelihood' ends at the two pink lines is what gets me.  It makes me quake in fear that there are no guarantees beyond that.

I'm just not sure I have the strength to really GO for it based on our pregnancy history.  I'm not sure I want to pour time, money, energy and hope into a pregnancy that would take more than a few pills and a bottle of wine to make happen.  If it happened on it's own, naturally and easily with little or no outside help...and things went badly again, it would be awful, and heart breaking and soul crushing. If it all went badly again and we had spent months (years?) going to doctor's appointments, multiple invasive tests, failed procedures and PAID for all of it to happen, well that's just like rubbing salt in the wound.  Maybe our current infertility is the universe's way of telling us it's just not meant to happen, and we'd be better off not tempting it again. 

I just all makes me so sad.  I never blamed any of my own actions for Aidan's death or for either of the early pPROMs.  But I have such anger and disappointment when it comes to my body.  How could it fail me so badly, not once but TWICE?  How could things go so wrong?  I don't even really feel that I had much to do with Kaia's positive outcome.  It's like she lived in spite of my body's failings.  The bed rest, the gallons of water, the good food, good hygiene, all the supplements, the love and hope I clung to were only my way of attempting to counteract the absolute failure of my uterus.  That Kaia lived is only due to her own hardiness and because biology didn't screw up *quite* enough to cause her death.  Kaia lived because she, and we, got extremely lucky.  From my earliest memory my body has been deemed 'less' because of my heart defect, which my pregnancy history only seems to confirm.

The idea that I would dream of chancing all that again; that I would dare to even contemplate it in the face of my body's obvious unwillingness to cooperate smacks of hubris.  We got lucky once, what makes me think I deserve that again?  

On the other hand, I feel like I am failing that third baby of mine if I don't try. If I choose comfort, safety and physical ease over the fear of loss or hardship, what kind of mother am I?  I imagine third baby out there, just waiting for us to make him or her a reality, but unfortunately third baby brings no guarantees about how long he or she plans to stay, or how healthy he or she plans to be, or how mentally or physically healthy he or she will leave me.  There are never any guarantees when it comes to children, but I feel somehow, like we have less of a guarantee than most.  We have more of a reason than others to believe it will all go badly, more of a reason to fear the worst.  Third baby, you aren't even real and I already love you, want you, wish you were here...but I don't know if I can risk it again.

The hardest thing for me maybe, is that I know I can live without third baby.  Life will still be good.  It will still have meaning.  Because I have Kaia, I can go on.  I didn't feel that way before or after Aidan.  The desire to have a living child was so intense, so overwhelming, it was all I could think of.  I could not imagine my life without at least one living child.  Even while I stared at the ceiling on bed rest with Kaia, swearing that I would not put myself through this again, I knew I wouldn't quit in my desire to have a family. I was prepared to do anything, pay anything, risk anything.  

But I'm not anymore.  For me, primary infertility and secondary infertility are two very different things.  As much as I love third baby, he or she does not take precedence over my current child and my current life.  I have other dreams now, which I am prepared to put on hold, or delay, but not give up on, to have another baby in my life.

Which in the end, for me, is the saddest thing of all.  I know if third baby were to make it here, alive and well (which sometimes feels as impossible as a planned mission to Mars), third baby would be as loved and as cherished and as needed as Aidan or Kaia.  He or she would be cease to be abstract and would become real.

And, oh how I want him or her to be real.  

I'm just not sure I have it in me to try.

I'm sorry third baby.  Mommy's so sorry.


  1. I can't only imagine it's just terrifying. And there seems to be a difference between deliberately trying to get pregnant versus inactively "trying". There's just so much more pressure I think in admitting it's what you want versus letting the universe decide. We're still at stage one- inactively trying. but I know a few months of this and I'll start to get anxious and panicky and wanting to move onto the next step.

    I hope Clomid works for you. That that's all the intervention you need for your whole pregnancy.

  2. Don't let fear hold you back and don't dwell on the demanding and often scary early infancy stage(which is fleeting) when thinking of whether or not you want another baby but rather think long term as in how many kids do you picture down the road, sitting around the table at Christmas, or for the family photo. Don't give up hope either; we thought having our last(he was born when I was 40!) was hopeless and it took 4 YRS of trying and then one day it finally happened and even though I DID have Obstetric Cholestasis and it WAS harrowing he arrived safely and is now a healthy 6 YR old!Good luck!

  3. You do deserve it again. I would love for you to get pregnant and have a normal pregnancy, without all the worry and stress of the last. There would be both f course, but I wish that it would just be regular rainbow-baby stress.

    I want another baby but Ted isn't so sure, mostly because of his age, finances, and because of the worry for the baby and me (even though we were lucky, very lucky, with Emily's pregnancy). Sometimes I think I should just be satisfied that I have my wonderful girl....but I never thought I would have an only child, I want her to have a living sibling. I have three sisters and can't imagine a life without them, it would seem so lonely. But Ted has three siblings and they only talk a few times a year so he doesn't think it's that important. But had Jacob lived, we would have had a second baby. I try to convince myself that things would be easier with just one child to raise, money and daycare....we could do more with Emily. But I still want another baby, there is another baby out there for us, but maybe we have to adopt.

    I'm hoping for the best for you.

  4. just close your eyes and go for it...easier said then done right?

  5. Huge, huge hugs. We didn't hit a year, but we did hit 9+ months of actively trying (that's after another 9-10 months of trying but not charting or anything) with this one, and I had that thought about being done MANY times. Obviously our issues were easy to fix (cerclage), so I don't have the double terrible, awful, no good, very bad luck with two scary situations that you guys did, and I can't imagine the absolute terror and fear that causes. I hope that whatever happens, it's the right thing for you guys (and let's face it, Kaia is adorbs, so I hope it's another baby). XOXO

  6. Sometimes I like to trick myself and think "Hey, maybe you don't REALLY want another baby. dont trick to yourself , just do it :)