Saturday, June 30, 2012

Party hardy

It's Canada Day weekend again folks. 

If you remember last year, I was in the hospital for Canada Day and started having bright red bleeding for the first time in my pregnancy with Kaia at 30 1/2 ish weeks. (Red for Canada Day!!!  My uterus decided to colour coordinate with the holiday.  How festive!). *Eye roll*

It sucked monkey balls.

This year I am cleaning the house, which also sucks, but in a much more mundane too-bad-I'm-not-at-the-cottage-rather-than-buried-under-a-pile-of-winter-jackets-and-elbow-deep-in-a-bucket-of-Mr.-Clean kind of way.

We are cleaning the house this weekend instead of doing anything fun, because next weekend we have big plans....


On July 9th Kaia will be one whole year old!!! (Or 10 months corrected...I kind of like this number better since it means she's still my little baby for awhile longer, but really I know, I know...she's one!).

The guests have all confirmed (family and close friends, which still adds up to like 25 people).  The paper plates, cups and cutlery have been bought.  Decorations have been decided upon and hey, did you know there is a world wide shortage of helium???  I didn't think that could even happen since it's an element on the periodic table for goodness sakes, but apparently it can.  I have done a cupcake batch of 12 as a trial run for the cake I am making and all 12 were super delicious if I do say so myself.  I had 6 and Brian got 6.  Kaia got none. Sugar's bad for babies.  I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere, right? 

Yet, sometimes I still think back to last year and how we weren't even sure we were going to have a living baby at this point.  We were much more hopeful than we had been any earlier in the pregnancy, but still, pretty damn freaked out...still talking in 'ifs' and 'maybes' and 'I hope so's'.

And now we're planning a party like it ain't no thang' cuz (holy smokes!) she's one.  (!!!)

Sitting up. Clapping. Laughing at things she finds funny. Eating finger food on her own (quite dexterously I might add) . Pooping and peeing in the potty. Hip fixed. Saying Mama, Dada and Lynx (our cat's name, which is a REALLY hard word, but comes out of her mouth the same way every time when she sees the cat and although it sounds like "lthsshx" we are sure this is what she means). 

It's awesome.

I want to reach back in time and tell my June 2011 self to just's gonna be fine.  

So, I'm feeling very lucky this weekend.  Even while cleaning out the basement.


  1. A year, wow! Happy (almost) first birthday Kaia! I love this post. You sound joyful and elated.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! Have fun!

  3. I can't believe it's been a whole year already! Wow. Happy birthday, Kaia :-)

  4. this is an awesome post (-: apart from the cleaning bit

  5. Happy happy birthday! Reading this made me smile! :)