Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

We started the New Year off right last night by having our friends J & J over and their daughter C, who is 18 months old. It was a lot of fun and I had a good New Years. Much better than last year, where I was 5 weeks pregnant, had an ear ache, was afraid to take Tylenol and couldn't wait to pour myself into bed.

We've really made the most of the holidays this year. On December 27th we packed up Kaia and all her crap (3 small bags, 2 giant suitcases, 1 stroller and car seat and a partridge in a pear tree) and traveled 6 hours in the car to visit Brian's grandmother, returning home on the 29th. Grandma is 90 and in the hospital. Brian hadn't seen her in 5 years, I've only met her a handful of times and she's only seen pictures of Kaia. After my grandmother died this past summer, we felt it was important for Kaia to meet her last remaining great-grandparent. I still feel badly that I never went to see my grandmother in the hospital after she broke her hip and before she died, so as much as it was a lot of work, it was worth the trip to make Brian's grandmother's day.

Kaia had an excellent (and busy) Christmas Day. Didn't get much of a nap, but what kid does on Christmas? She got lots of toys and clothes and a rocking horse to use when she's older. We did put her on it and got this face:

And this one:Kaia has really found her voice the past few weeks. We now get screeching and babbling and even some real laughter. She really likes it when she has the hiccups and you imitate her by making 'hiccup' noises. She thinks it's hilarious and so do we.

Now that it's officially January, we are in countdown to cast day. It's only 5 days away. I'm hoping it's going to be easier and less stressful than I'm fearing. It's just that the cast feels so intrusive. Like it will change everything we've gotten use to and feel comfortable doing with our baby. She will have to be diapered differently, sleep in a different place, won't fit in the same clothes, and we'll need to buy or rent a car seat that will fit her. We won't even be able to carry her the same way. She can't be held under her arms; we have to pick her up under her cast to avoid it pulling down on her body. I'm trying not to worry about it too much, but it's hard now when cast day is so close. I'm sure we'll get use to just that it sucks that we'll HAVE to get use to it.

Despite this cast business, I must say I feel more positive and upbeat looking forward to 2012. I have so much to be grateful for and am looking forward to learning about Kaia's personality as she grows. I'm hoping this year will bring us a more peaceful, routine lifestyle. I hope we will feel calmer, happier, more prosperous and less stressed and sad than we were for most of 2010 and 2011. So far, it's looking good!

Onward 2012!


  1. Looking forward with you.. and hoping the cast transition will go smoothly for you and for her.

    PS- about the sac size.. no answer for you there yet. My far away RE felt better about it (even though they are still small) as the babies have grown, so he stopped measuring the difference in mm. I guess now we wait and see.. sending love and light.

  2. Oh Kaia has such an expressive face, she looks kind of uncertain in the first photo and then quite happy and proud of herself in the second? I love that stage when babies start to babble, it is so lovely. J never did really so it has been even more delightful to hear R burbling away to himself!

    It must be difficult and it sucks. Especially when you've just got everything nice and settled, in a good routine and then you are going to have to change everything. I'm just hoping that you will adjust smoothly and find ways around the difficult elements. Hoping it all goes well for Kaia xo

  3. I love how festive your home and your baby look in the picture. You went all out for Christmas this year. I was too lazy to even take pictures. I still have the tree up so I am going to do it tomorrow. Who's going to know?

  4. My Son got the same Horse for Christmas!!

    My Son also had open heart surgery at the beginning of December, since then we have not been able to lift him under the arms while his sternum heals.

    At first we found it horrible, you don't know how much you pick a baby up under their arms until you can't do it anymore. Saying that it was a pretty quick transition to what we could do. Now it is like second nature we don't even think about it any more. two more weeks and we can start lifting him under the arms again.

  5. You have an adorable one there!

    Check out mines

  6. Kaia is such a cutie; love that smile! Funny but Norah got the same rocking horse for Christmas :) I hope that the cast transition is manageable.